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New ways with Kalkar coffee spirit - the new spirit and tonic combination you need to try

In its sole form, Kalkar coffee spirit is simply perfect sipped on it's own with ice. However, Kalkar is a lot more versatile than first appearances suggest, and luckily The Cornish Distilling Co's Head Distiller Tom Read has plenty of fresh and delicious Kalkar combinations up his sleeve.

One such pairing is seriously moreish Kalkar and tonic.  Tonic need not only be for gin, and we find that the quinine and acidity of the tonic complement Kalkar, lightening the coffee and bringing out more chocolate notes. 

Here we've used Fevertree's Mediterranean tonic which has sweetness to balance the satisfying bitterness of Kalkar and dryness of the quinine.


Kalkar coffee spirit from the Cornish Distiliing Company with fevertree tonic


A slice of orange add freshness whilst the cardamon pods add an extra level to both the aroma and flavour.

Kalkar and Tonic 

Start by adding ice to tall/ high ball glass followed by 100ml of Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic, slowly pour 50 ml of Kalkar on top followed with a slice of orange and lightly crushed cardamon garnish.  Crushing the cardamom gently releases its aromatics. 

As always, enjoy responsibly.


The Cornish Distilling Co. is creating their very own distilled British rum, using exceptional ingredients and a knowledge to match.

The award-winning Kalkar, is a blend of genuine British distilled rum and single origin cold coffee brew.  It is available to buy here.

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