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Settling in (a change of pace part 2)

Fast forward 12 years and Norton Barton Farm is not, as originally envisaged, a small holding with a B&B or holiday cottage. It is in fact one of only two food enterprise zones in the south west, the site of a local developments orders, home to 5 companies, approximately 20 employees, one wind turbine, 4 much more grown up children, and 2 conspicuously not retired ex investment bankers.

Now Norton Barton Artisan Food Village may be a remarkable feat in the world of artisan food production, but the setting for a quiet countryside life, it is not. The site is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. We aim to produce the best quality food and drink products whilst supporting and sustaining the unique Cornish way of life, doing so by, among other things, acting as home to a wind turbine and rearing the pigs that go into the production of the salami and rillettes that we produce. 

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