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The perfect crackers for cheese have arrived

I’ll eat cheese in a sandwich, on toast, with an apple; in a pinch I’ve even been known to use hard cheese as a vessel for the consumption of soft cheese, but the all time greatest mode of cheese consumption is the classic cheese and crackers.

As a cheese and crackers enthusiast who doesn’t reserve this delicacy exclusively for wine parties and Christmas with the family, I have to say that a good old Jacobs or a simple digestive each have strong merits and both proudly hold their place on the cheese board, and in my heart.

However, in a time of new and exciting food flavours and combinations from matcha tea to charcoal ice cream, you may find yourself looking for something a little more artisan to pair with your nettle wrapped Yarg or Italian herb Cornish Gouda. If you are after a little something to spice up your cheese board then Popti Cornish Bakehouse have just the thing for you!

Collection of popti crackers for cheese

The new crackers for cheese range come in four flavours of varying distinction from the mild and sweet oat and Cornish buttermilk, perfect with a strong cheese like a blue, to the earthy beetroot and caraway cracker which is wonderful paired with a soft goat’s cheese. 

For mature cheddar lovers, try matching the multi-seed biscuit with a sharp aged cheddar. Or for those of you who fancy something a little more continental, cracked black pepper crackers with a soft brie is a match made in heaven.

Cracked black pepper cracker for cheese

All of the products are produced here at Norton Barton Artisan food village, on site in Cornwall by a small and dedicated kitchen team who ensure care is taken over the quality of every single biscuit.

Collection of popti crackers for cheese

Explore the full range of Popti's new crackers for cheese here.

What are your must haves on a cheese board?  Comment below to let us know!

 Written by Kitty Harding / edited by Jo Painter

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